Tips for shooting in a DTLA Visuals photo studio

Ever wondered when is the best time to visit one of our DTLA photo and film studios? In this blog post, we will go over the lighting time frames and what we recommend depending on how you work. We will also go over our studios’ design and themes to give you a better idea for which will work best with your creative endeavors!

The ‘ Modern Minimalist Warmth Loft ‘ is a large photo and film studio located on the 6th floor of our Downtown Los Angeles building and has large east facing windows. Our east facing windows will get the most natural light in the morning, the earlier the stronger and more direct the lighting will be. We operate starting at 7am. Many natural light photographers we have worked with enjoy booking at 8am or 10am. Before 11am, the strong light will cast shadows on the floor. It is after noon time when the studio will remain with enough natural light however will be softer lighting, there will be less harsh shadows on the face and lighting will be more consistent. Many interview and podcast productions prefer to start filming after noon time or later depending on the lighting equipment they bring. Videographers filming with their own lighting equipment often also book in the evening for a more softer and consistent lighting.

DesignModern Minimalist Warmth Studio

The Modern Minimalist Warmth Studio has been a popular photo and film studio for many high end brand campaigns. At almost 2000 sqft. the photo studio is able to easily accommodate both small and large productions crews. The spacious studio can easily accommodate large production equipment as well. The wall arch feature makes the perfect backdrop for social media content as well as brand photography. Guests can get create and make eye catching Instagram reels and posts with our high-end furniture and arch wall feature. The studio contains several ‘ sitting’ arrangements which provide a large variety of photo shoot opportunities as well as great interview seating arrangements as well. Our large stone and marble dining table and coffee tables provide beautiful opportunities for flat-lays as well as jewelry photography.

The ‘Grand Modern Studio ‘ is a clean and spacious photo and film studio located on the 11th floor of our Downtown Los Angeles creative space building. Located on the 11th floor, the photo studio has unobstructed stunning city views. There are no near by buildings blocking the sunlight or views. The studio has large east facing windows which allow abundant natural light to penetrate the space from morning until evening. As they are east facing windows, the strongest natural light will begin in the morning. Many natural light photographers shooting portraits enjoy shooting in the morning from 7am to noon. The Grand Modern Studio has also been an Instagram favorite photo studio. If you are a content creator shooting mostly on iPhone, we recommend visiting in the morning or early afternoon to enjoy beautiful natural light. Our studio is popular with music videos as well, music videos are often filmed in the evening and forward however as the main colors of our furniture are white, we personally believe our studio’s furniture pieces showcase the best with natural light to give a more clean and airy atmosphere.

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